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Benjamin Richter:
Chief Sales Officer & Datenschutzbeauftragter

As Chief Sales Officer and Co-Founder, it is my task to create new sales structures, boost marketing and enter into strategic partnerships. In doing so, I benefit from my more than 10 years of experience as a founder and investor in start-ups. As a consultant, I continue to take care of constantly optimizing data protection in North Rhine-Westphalia so that the legal conditions are met in companies and public authorities. In this regard, I have a high level of expertise as an external data protection officer and data protection consultant. In addition, there is the complete area of information security, which I can advise and certify, among other things, as a lead auditor with an ISO 27001.

Greetings Benjamin Richter

Benjamin Richter: A short story about me

With my confirmation money I could afford my first real computer at the age of 13. At that time, it was an Intel Celeron with a ridiculous 433 MHz and an 8 GB hard drive. However, this laid the foundation for my later training as an IT specialist for system integration in the public sector. At the age of 25, I trained to become a company data protection officer and a certified IT project manager. The first step towards my later career profile, information security, had been taken! In the same year (2010), I continued my career in business and was able to consolidate my expertise not only in IT project management, but also in data protection management. This was mainly due to the fact that I took care of two internal IT platforms as a sub-project manager in the magenta-colored corporation. The exact tasks there were data protection and data security. Since I always lived the thought ‘Better together than against each other’, I wanted to start sharing my knowledge…

At the Bundeswehr, at the age of 30, for over 7 years, I now had the opportunity as a lecturer for IT project management, data protection and IT security to pass on my professional expertise to the IT sergeants. Thus, the first money as a freelancer or self-employed person was earned and the further steps towards entrepreneurship were successfully mastered. After several intermediate steps in operational areas of information security (including as CISO of a B2C eCommerce store), it was clear to me that I would like to advance further into the management level or strategy. So in the summer of 2018, I founded my first company for the training area of data protection and data security in North Rhine-Westphalia with the ‘Trainingsoffensive’, developed my skills bit by bit and further company foundations (including ‘digital compliant GmbH’) followed. Besides data protection, the focus was now also on the complete field of information security (including ISO 27001). Missing management skills were made up for with an MBA degree (focus on “Digital Transformation”) at the FH-Wien.

With the foundation of the ‘german digital Allstars GmbH’ in the Westphalian Center for Digitalization ( in Schmallenberg, I would like to bundle all competences and key factors necessary for today’s world. With this technology construct, we not only want to address customers with high-quality services and fully comprehensive IT services, but also offer new founders and idea providers a kind of start-up base and contact point around the region of the Sauerland!