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Robin Matthäi –
Senior SEO Consultant

As a Senior SEO Consultant, it has been my task for over 10 years to promote the sustainable, organic success of a website in search engines. This includes technical, content-related as well as user-friendly steps in the creation of websites. Through my services it is possible for you to create a website presence in search engines that fulfills the search intentions behind certain keywords and thus contributes to higher and targeted rankings. I look forward to working together on projects that will improve your SEO!

My SEO services are available for you starting on 1st of April 2023!

Robin Matthäi

Robin Matthäi: A short story about me

Already in secondary school I made my first experiences with the design of websites, which I could expand in parts during my technical training as an IT systems electronics engineer. However, I really got involved with SEO during my studies of applied computer science.

My very first steps in the search engine Google were very difficult. I quickly asked myself questions like: Why? What did I do wrong? And so SEO became more and more important. Through SEO I learned why the right keyword matters, how to fulfill a search intention behind these keywords and which structural points you have to keep on a website to lead the user specifically to the information he wants.

I was then able to live this out after graduation through several in-house SEO jobs in a variety of industries. It was nice to now know how to design websites to get lots of organic clicks that were meaningful to the searcher.

Some time ago I dared to escape the Sauerland and started working for Seokratie GmbH in Munich as an agency SEO. Here I could learn a lot of new SEO and also project management. This now makes projects much easier and the success comes sustainably faster than before. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for allowing me to be part of Seokratie GmbH! It was an honor for me.

However, I want more for the next 10 years of my life: I want to do more than just analyze websites and solve the problems. I want to structure the internet and create great user experiences at least for the websites I manage. That’s why I joined german digital allstars, not only to optimize customer projects, but also to realize my own projects. Projects that I’ve been meaning to do for so long, but never found the time to do. And here it’s not just about SEO, but about the digital development of companies.

My services
as Senior SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - SEO Audits, SEO Workshops, Landing Page Optimization

Through SEO audits, you can quickly identify current problems with regard to SEO and respond to them with initial proposals for solutions.

Through SEO workshops you create an SEO base among your employees, which can contribute sustainably to the success of the website.

Through landing page optimization, we sustainably build up a healthy ranking under certain keywords, which leads to possible inquiries or purchases being advertised more strongly under them.

Actual state

Target State

Realize rankings

Search engine optimization by Sauerländer Schnauze

Search engine optimization (SEO) is, among other things, about using SEO audits to determine which logical, content-related, technical or structural errors are prevalent on a website. However, the SEO audit does not only include the enumeration of problems, but also offers first suggestions for solutions, so that you can implement the suggested measures according to defined priority directly after the SEO audit. Through SEO audits you can therefore quickly and broken down current problems regarding SEO identify and respond to them with initial proposals for solutions.

It has always been proven that the SEO activities become much less if you give the employees a healthy understanding of SEO. Our SEO workshops include an information session for your employees, where they can gain not only theoretical but also practical experience regarding SEO over several hours. They learn which basic aspects are important for the sustainable success of a website and how they can integrate them into their daily routine. Through SEO workshops, you create an SEO basis among your employees, which can contribute to the sustainable success of the website.

It is not uncommon that a company tries to appear under a certain keyword in search engines, but simply does not succeed. With landing page optimization, we look at these pages together and find out not only the search intent behind them, but also learn what content you need to present in what form to fulfill the search intent of the searchers here. Through landing page optimization, we sustainably build a healthy ranking under certain keywords, which leads to a stronger promotion of possible inquiries or purchases under them.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about my SEO services

How can I imagine an SEO audit with you?

After your request for an SEO audit, I already take a look at your website. Here I usually discover the first SEO activities that can help to promote your organic success in search engines.

After I have then easily explained these points, I contact you to discuss these points with you and from this to create a concept of our offer, which is coordinated for you.

After successful acceptance of the offer on your part, I will then begin my work. So I will write you a document, where I go into the problems of your website regarding SEO and create from it a prioritized list of measures with initial solution proposals for each point found.

After that, you can then optimize your website according to these measures yourself or also by means of ongoing support together with me.

As a rule, customers stay with me, because SEO is not a sprint, but a marathon. The ongoing support of an SEO can absolutely be seen as a benefit of a company for newly created magazine articles, landing pages or evergreen content. Through my advice it is possible for you to create landing pages right away correctly and efficiently, with which you will then also rank for the desired keywords.

What content do you teach our employees in your SEO workshops?

I offer basic training on SEO as well as advanced training. This means for you:

As a rule, you start with a basic SEO workshop. Here all active employees are brought to a common SEO denominator. This is basically repeated annually, depending on the number of new employees. In this basic SEO training, I completely adapt to the problems of the company website. If it is more technical aspects, I train the technicians. If it’s more editorial aspects, I train the editors. No matter who in your company can help execute better SEO for you: I am very happy to train these people with my SEO knowledge.

  • What is the importance of SEO in a company?
  • How do I design a keyword research efficiently and successfully?
  • How do I build landing pages accordingly?
  • How do I create click-stimulating snippets?
  • How can I keep the keyword focus?
  • How do I hierarchize headings correctly?
  • How do I operate effective image SEO?
  • How do I operate effective internal linking?
  • and much more.

How would you work with us to optimize landing pages?

With landing pages, there is always a reason why you create them! Be it to provoke contact requests, registrations or product sales. And depending on that, the landing page should also be built.

Means: not only that you adapt the landing page to the search intention for the particular keyword, but also the user guidance on this page should clearly lead to the goal you are aiming for.

In the first step it is important to find the right keywords for the respective pages. Often, even small changes to the keywords can bring different search intentions. Therefore, we cannot avoid looking at the search results pages for desired keywords to look at both the search intent and the content needed for a possible ranking.

In the second step, once both the keywords and the search intent including content have been determined, it is a matter of letting you work it out. I give you a headline structure that promotes this search intention for the purpose of content. Then you fill these headings with content.

In the third step, we then grind the snippet to bring the user from the search results page to your created page in a click-stimulating way and optimize the internal linking, so that the new page also lies internally for the right keywords. This also helps Google to already weigh the first keywords for a URL.

In the fourth step, as soon as the page is live, we check after a few months how it has performed in the search results to date, in order to make a possible adjustment.